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(The pooping bull is copyright

               I was once a supporter of the original however like many things it's ego got to large, and it started illegal and illicit behavior and  started violating its own slogan of fighting lies and crap in the Martial Arts, and began creating it. It now assaults good karate-ka and Great Masters alike I have even been its latest victim!   Fake posters invented solely by the moderators, who act like children I must say, sign up under a diverse range of user names and post silly child like things, back and forth to each other. They sign some of the posters up using names of some of my actual students. This was all the engineering of a rogue student. Bullshido has been sued many times which is sad the original idea was good but power corrupts absolutely!  Most legitimate Martial Artist consider it a joke like those siily magazines you read where you know the stories are fake but they are good for a laugh.

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